There is a myth about the storage of welding rods. The myth says that you can bake rods in your home oven in order to get all of the moisture out of them. While this may sound logical to some, it is certainly going to make your wife mad when she sees welding rods inside her oven. Why not just get a rod oven and save yourself the trouble?

Now let’s take a look at the facts. If you want to recondition welding rods, you will have to heat them to 5-600 degrees. Can you imagine doing that in your oven? You better keep a fire extinguisher nearby if you do.
It’s good that more and more users are realizing that these myths aren’t cool. Also, they’re finding out that rod ovens are quite affordable and a much simpler option as opposed to trying any of these ideas. Your life will be so much easier if you get a rod oven.


Leading experts from the industry agree that proper consumable storage is a very important part of the entire welding process and is essential if you want to create defect-free welds. As an example, low hydrogen welding electrodes must be properly conditioned before welding jobs are started in order to prevent problems like cracking, hydrogen embrittlement, and porosity. This is something a rod oven can easily help with.
When you are welding, it’s also important to maintain low-hydrogen electrodes or rods in holding ovens within temperature ranges of 100-300 degrees. This will prevent any water vapor from permeating into the welding rod or entering the weld which may lead to defects.

Let’s face the facts here; an old refrigerator is just not good enough for storage. You will need a rod oven.
The repercussions of executing welds improperly can end up costing you thousands in terms of repair costs and rework time. Using an improperly cared for welding rod which isn’t at the correct temperature, especially in an erection environment for a building, can end up having some really disastrous consequences. Avoid all of this by simply getting yourself a good quality, cost effective rod oven.

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